My New Home Online

Well, I think I’m finally home. If you’ve been following along on Mastodon, Discord, or the other places I talk online, you’ve seen me try out a swath of blogging platforms and hosts like Weblog, Bearblog, and Scribbles. In my usual fashion, I’ve spent alot of time thinking about how to best do something, rather than actually doing the thing. The ‘thing’ in this case is writing.

I wanted a place that I could call my own to share my thoughts, as well as other stuff I collect and find interesting, like links and resources. I really thought Bearblog was going to solve this need, but FOMO got the best of me.

Alot of really cool people all maintain their own websites in one way or another and damnit, I want to join them.

If you couldn’t already tell, I like simplicity. Eleventy, the static site generator, was exactly what I was looking for - simple, easy to work with, and infinitely extendable. And so I took the design work I had done for my Bearblog and implemented it here using Lene Saile’s Eleventy Excellent starter. Lene has done an excellent job in giving folks a head start on building their own site with Eleventy

This leads us to, my final resting place. And no, not in the morbid way. I’m determined to build this site into something I’m proud to call my own. If you poke around, I’m sure you’ll find some empty spaces, quirks, and bugs. I plan on treating it as my digital garden - a place that will grow and change over time, as I do.

I had every intention of ending this post with a smart, introspective thought about doing things with intention and purpose. But alas, my brain and eyes are tired from staring at code all evening.

So for now - remember to drink some water, give someone a compliment, and stay awesome.