WeblogPoMo 2024

Hello Internet! Welcome to the starting line of WeblogPoMo2024! Rev up those keyboards and get those typing-fingers ready, because the race to make a blog post every day for the entirety of May is about to begin. Annie, official/unofficial CEO of Weblog.lol, came up with the concept for WeblogPoMo 2024 after being inspired by other communities’ month-long writing challenges.

There’s a growing list of awesome folks participating in WeblogPoMo, and I highly recommend following along as we all take part in this challenge. Some have chosen pre-defined topics or themes for their posts, such as Keenan who will be writing about 31 songs that are meaningful to them.

Because I am a person in need of some sort of structure, I’ve decided to follow Keenan’s lead and give myself a theme in hopes that it will keep me motivated and on track for all of May. I will be documenting my decade-long journey as The Hobby Collector. Since an early age I have never stuck to just one interest, and so I will be exploring my past endeavors ranging from landscape design and EDC gear to home automation and stained glass work.

If you’d like to follow my WeblogPoMo adventure, or the adventure of others, you can do so here:
- Ehqo’s Hideout/Digital Garden on RSS
- Pomo, the Mastodon bot sharing everyone’s posts each day

All of my posts will originate on my Scribbles blog, Ehqo’s Hideout, and be cross-posted to my Digital Garden on this site.

I’ll see you all out there!

Originally posted on Scribbles